Henrik Lundqvist Video Interview

Henrik Lundqvist made 37 saves to earn his 47th career playoff win. Lundqvist is now tied with Ron Hextall for 19th place on the NHL’s all-time playoff wins list. He also ranks 13th among NHL goalies in career playoff wins with one franchise. Lundqvist has earned a win in nine of his last 11 appearances, posting a 1.78 GAA and a .936 SV% over the span. He has also won seven of his last eight playoff games against the Penguins, posting a 1.34 GAA and a .954 SV% in those contests. Lundqvist allowed one goal in each of the seven wins over the span. He posted a 4-1 record, along with a 1.53 GAA and a .939 SV% (124 saves on 132 shots) in the five-game series against Pittsburgh this year.


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